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Its National Tea Day. Save 20% today only!!

About Us

Get to know Nature’s Tea Company...

“The Nature’s Tea Company Founders Are Also The Inventors Of The Products.”

Kevin Gross:

The Sr. Chemist who over the past 30 years has personally developed and tested nearly 200 products for various companies, and these high-quality products have sold over 1 billion dollars during that time.

Lisa Gross, B.S.B.A.

The Visionary/ Founder, who over the past 30 years has created and used specialty blends of tea for the health and welfare of her family, friends, and gatherings. For the past 9 years, she has done marketing designs for several companies. Lisa is also a trained herbalist.




Lisa did not let our children drink soda pop and other sugary drinks. So instead she created healthier alternatives by mixing organic freshly brewed tea and raw cane sugar filled with fruit. We have been brewing tea for over 30 years for family, friends, to enjoy and now we brew our blends for you to enjoy. Filled with love and made in small batches for freshness. Savour the taste and cherish other benefits!

“Nature’s Tea Company Enhancing The Beauty In You.”

Our flabbergasting catalogue hovers amongst a wide array of categories with vividity in alternatives, sharpness in flavour, agility in shipping, affordability in cost, and excellence in customer service, soak up a chance to adorn yourself.

We, at Nature’s Tea Company on behalf of all of our distributors worldwide, are very proud to present to you our latest creations.

Enjoy our companionship, tell others about your experience and please return soon!

Thank you,

Kevin & Lisa Gross