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Pineapple Green Tea - Natures Tea Company

Pineapple Green Tea

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Nature's Tea Company Pineapple Green Tea is vibrant, flavorful green tea with real,  pineapple chunks. Our unique combination of green tea and organic pineapples allows you to brew up a tasty cup of tea. The discreet green tea base, enriched with a fresh, yet sweet, pineapple flavor is a blend which can be enjoyed all year round. As an ice tea it is an excellent thirst quencher in the hot summer months; in the winter months the exotic scent and taste carries us away to warmer regions and sweetens the time we spend waiting for summer. The rich decoration leaves no room for improvement. A tea which fulfils even the highest expectations.

Ingredients green tea, pineapple cubes (pineapple, raw cane sugar), mango cubes (mango, raw cane sugar), flavoring, safflower, sunflower blossoms.

Steep @190 degrees for 4-7 mins

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